Site Submissions for Kennington

The site Submissions for Kennington Wards have now been published and a consultation held. I will be sending round a newsletter about this and asking for your feedback.

Site Submissions are not decided planning developments. They are simply the first stage of the planning process, whereby ABC sends landowners a call for any available sites. The suggested developments that have therefore been presented are, at this stage, the vision and thoughts of the landowners and their agents, and not ABC.

It is important to appreciate that You as a resident can affect future decisions on these suggested sites, by sending me your feedback. I will pass this on to the Borough planners, and they will take your comments into account, when they analyse the sites and assess them for viability. After they have done this, there will be a shortlist that will be open for further consultation. Below is the link to all the sites:


Although none of these are directly in Little Burton Farm, many are adjacent or close by and I feel it is important that you are all up to date on these important developments.

Bybrook Ward

BY1 [pdf] 1MB – Ashford Rugby Club

Kennington Ward:

KE1 [pdf] 1MB  – Land at Ulley Farm

KE2 [pdf] 495KB  – Orchard Farm

KE3[pdf] 375KB  – Land NE of A2070 Willesborough Road

KE4[pdf] 399KB  – Land east of A28

KE5 [pdf] 450KB  – The Croft Hotel, Canterbury Road

 Bockhanger Ward:

BO1 [pdf] 522KB  – The Warren, land adjacent to Drovers Roundabout

BO2 [pdf] 285KB  – The Bamboos and Longwood

The following sites fall partly in Bockhanger Ward:

BBAE1 [pdf] 1MB  – Ashford Golf Club, Sandyhurst Lane

BBAE2 [pdf] 2MB – Land at Eureka Park


Please do take the time to look at these in detail.

Arguments for or against can be lodged by your Borough Councillors on your behalf, or you can send these directly to ABC .

Please remember now is the time to have your say as now is the time when you can affect what happens before the update of the core strategy. This update will take development up to 2030

If you have any questions please get in touch