My latest Newsletter will be delivered over the weekend in Little Burton Farm :


From your Borough Councillor April 2014

Dear residents,

There is a lot happening in your area, so I wanted to keep you informed about what I have been doing since the last newsletter

The Ward of Little Burton Farm

During my recent “walkabouts” in the Ward, it has become clear that there is some confusion as to what is considered to be the Ward of Little Burton Farm

The Ward is split into 2 areas-

LBF 1 which is the area adjacent to the Willesborough Road– Alec Pemble close, Atkinson Walk, Beatrice Hills Close, part of Canterbury Rd, Christopher Bushell Way, Clarke Crescent, Frank Edinger Close, George Williams Way, Harry Pay Close, James Alchin Gardens, James Hanney Drive, John Badger Close, John Dutton Way, John Newington Close,Peter Chandler Way, Raymond Fuller, Way, Richmond Meech Drive, Little Burton Centre, Robert Brundett Close, and Vincent Place.

LBF 2 which is the area just off Faversham Road – Beauchamp Close, Burton Rd, part of  Canterbury Road, Dudley Road, part of Faversham Rd, Garden Place, Nettlefields, North Pends, Randolph Gardens, Shepway, part of the Ridge, and  Warwick Rd.

Planning & Development

There are a number of sites that have been presented by landowners to the Council for development in Kennington, and the adjacent areas. None are directly in Little Burton Farm, but I think it is important that you are kept informed and that you have an opportunity to voice your opinions on these

I did attend the recent Site Submissions for residents in the Church Hall in Rylands Road. There will be a further chance later in the year if you missed this.

Summary of, sites submitted in Kennington, Bybrook and Bockhanger Wards:

BY1    – Ashford Rugby Club –50 dwellings

KE1    – Land at Ulley Farm KE2   – Orchard Farm- 100 + dwellings

KE3    – LandNE of A2070 Willesborough Road-1000 dwellings & associated uses

KE4    – Land east of A28- 1000 dwellings & associated uses

KE5    – The Croft Hotel, Canterbury Road- Housing ca 0,59 ha

BO1    – The Warren, land adjacent to Drovers Roundabout-mixed use 100,000 sq ft

BO2    – The Bamboos and Longwood- Housing ca 1.14 ha

BBAE  – Ashford Golf Club, Sandyhurst Lane-   mixed use 100+ dwellings & associated uses

BBAE2 -Land at Eureka Park- 100 dwellings, commercial & flexible use

The following link will give you all the detail: BO, BY & KE Summary [pdf] 54KB

your thoughts and wishes as a resident are important &  will be taken into account when these sites are considered. Your views and can directly influence the degree of future building in Kennington , and surrounding areas.

Please take the time to send me your comments on the individual sites. Those without a website can get in touch and I will talk you through the sites.




I would like to reiterate that site submissions are only submitted sites with suggested development from landowners and their agents and NOT decided sites from Ashford Borough Council.

The idea is that publishing the site submissions, gives residents a chance to look at whether or not development is desirable, and to examine the site as to WHAT KIND of development would be desirable. This could mean many things, including recommendation by residents for a site to have a different type of development than suggested in the Submission, or no development at all.

Post Boxes

I am currently compiling a petition – getting you to sign up to lobby the Royal Mail for more Post Boxes, as my efforts have been met with a refusal by Royal Mail. Once I have been round the whole Ward, I will send this with a letter to the Royal Mail.

Bus service

There is now a new Bus service to the William Harvey, which services you in the Ward. Nevertheless, I am also getting residents to sign a petition to improve the Service, as it does not traverse the whole Ward. Additionally, I am working to get Stagecoach to review the service offered in general to the Ward, that is currently inadequate, considering the number of residents who need to travel to school or who rely on the bus as their main form of transport.


A number of residents have had challenges with insufficient space in their bins – Large families can qualify for more bins. Those who are ill, infirm or are aged can request an assisted collection where Biffa will collect from the door. Please get in touch so I can be of help on this.

Thank you for taking the time to read this

Your Councillor

Marion B Martin

36 Christchurch Rd


Kent TN23 7XD

01233 628811


Please send me your comments and feedback & suggestions on the proposed developments


  1. Are you      in favour of more development in the Kennington area – if so which      developments from the above do you consider acceptable for current the      update in the core strategy taking us to 2030?


  1. What do      you consider to be the largest infrastructure challenges or needs based on      increased numbers of residents that should benefit from more development      in your area?


  1. Are you      interested in affordable homes that a more for :


a) rent                     b) part purchase



Any other comments or suggestions (please add an extra side if need be)



For explanations of what affordable homes and other technical terms please go to my website: