The Referendum on Europe


The long awaited delivery of the Conservative Party manifesto promise to hold a referendum on Britain’s participation in the EU, has been set for June 23rd 2016.
This is one of the most important decisions that we as the voting public in Britain will have been asked to make in the past 42 years.

If you are not registered to vote, I would urge you to do so at:

It will not be politicians that decide the future of Britain- it will be YOU and all those others who register and cast a vote.

I am strongly committed to remaining in Europe and will be voting to remain part of the union.

Since 1973, when we joined the then EEC, I have been pro European. Whilst there are many issues that are unsatisfactory in the make -up of the union, I believe that Britain is better of in, and has benefitted far more by being in than we perhaps would have done if we had not joined.

Freedom of movement has had huge advantages for Britons, wishing to travel work and study in Europe or do business with Europe, and many British businesses, have benefitted from a regular supply of labour, for jobs difficult to fill from the the British workforce alone.

We do need to look at the dominance of the legal framework governing our relationship with Europe, and the need to have greater control over law and law making. It is for exactly this reason that I believe voting to “Stay in” is the decision we should be taking. As part of the Union, with a place at the table, and as one of the key nations in the Union, we have far more influence than if we attempt to effect change from outside.

Most certainly, Britain will be successful whether in or out – but if out – I ask at what price?

I am pleased that it is my party- The Conservative Party, that has taken this courageous and bold step – to allow Britain to decide.

David Cameron spoke well this morning on Andrew Marr about what Staying in will mean for Britain

This is a profoundly personal decision, and I appreciate that many will feel differently to myself, or be unsure and undecided. The “Britain Stronger in Europe ” website seeks to address the key questions that must be answered when making this vital decision.